Kyle Dillman

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Kyle Dillman

Kyle grew up in a small town north of Edmonton, Alberta. He moved to Red Deer, Alberta in 1998 and has called Central Alberta home ever since. He worked in the service industry for over a decade before transitioning into emergency services. He has worked as a fire medic for the city of Red Deer for the last 8 years.

He has a huge passion for health and fitness, as well as martial arts. He has competed in mixed martial arts and boxing when he was younger, now he focuses on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which is a big part of his life. Him and his wife, along with there two little girls live on an acreage that is full of dogs, cats, horses and a miniature pony.

Kyle prides himself on being the best that he can be in anything that he does. He looks forward to working as hard as he can for his clients to make sure they have an fantastic real estate experience.

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Office Phone 403.887.1237
Cellphone 403-352-0395

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