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While we dedicate most our time towards placing individual and family units into the perfect home, we also like to follow up with tips to help our happy residents “optimize” their household experience well after the moving boxes have been recycled. On this bright and sunny Central Alberta summer week our real estate team has delivered a list of six tips to make your home even more vibrant through the strategic use of color.

6 Fun Tips to Adding Color to the Rooms of Your Home

1. The Golden 60-30-10 Rule of Color

The 60-30-10 rule of color comes straight from the professional interior design world. Basically, the methodology dictates that any room in the home be decorated with 60% in a dominating color, followed by 30% in a secondary hue,

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You’ve scoured every directory available for homes for sale. You’ve identified the realtors you want to work with. You’ve even begun picturing how life will be in your new community. All you need to do now is get a mortgage, take the keys and move in. Right?

Steady on, cowboy.

There’s a lot more to moving house than meets the eye, and most of it costs money. The trick is to foresee any financial bullets before they are fired and head off any monetary ambushes at the pass.

Back in the real world, that means researching every possible upcoming cost or fee and ensuring you have saved up enough to cover them. From paying men in suits for technical and legal services to hiring men with a truck to move your possessions, and perhaps even donning

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As one of the most picturesque towns in Central Alberta, Sylvan Lake is widely regarded as a great place for vacations. With water sports in the summer and winter sports taking advantage of the seasonal snow, there is always something for visitors to do.

One of the region’s friendliest, most vibrant and fastest growing communities, Sylvan Lake is also a fantastic place to live. From affordable first-time buyer homes to luxury residences, the property market has something for everyone.

For those looking to purchase Sylvan Lake luxury homes, whether to live in or as an investment, decorating to a standard befitting the property and area is always a major consideration. One way to tick both boxes is to source some local artwork; adding unique

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Spending money on your house before you sell it may sound counterintuitive; like buying your spouse a facelift and then filing for divorce. The difference is that a little time and effort can pay off in a big way.

You may have heard that “it takes money to make money”, but it needn’t take a lot when preparing your house for buyers. Your realtor will explain that a tweak here and a touch-up there make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. That means that in addition to selling faster, it’s likely to fetch a higher price. Of course, not all tweaks are created equal. So think strategically, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and let the bidding war begin.

Vote Off the Island

Okay, giving people less for their money didn’t work

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