February 2017

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--> To get maximum exposure for your home, you must have a huge presence on the internet.

** But keep in mind, it is not just about being blasted all over the internet, but it’s how you are advertised as well.

** To make sure your internet advertising is effective and you are not losing any opportunities, you must have amazing professional photography.

--> You want to make sure that your realtor takes social media marketing extremely serious as it is a major marketing tool. Keeping up to date in the marketing world is crucial.

** Our advertising is strategically planned, tried, tested and proven.

We take every necessary step to ensure we do not miss any opportunities.

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→ What is their level of experience?

** What will they do to set your home or property apart from the others in the market?

** Do they have a proven Marketing Strategy that they are accountable to and that is measurable?

→ How experienced are they in contract negotiations?

** Typically this is one of your most valuable assets. So you want to make sure you are 100% confident.

→ Do they have the time, system and people to properly manage your listings?

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Lapp Realty Is Growing Into Your Neighborhood!

Lapp Realty is a team of trusted advisors and local experts working across Central Alberta. We run a Win-Win program that helps you sell your home for Top Dollar.

What we propose is for you to allow us to do a Mega Open House event at your home. This is not a regular open house. These are very effective events that we spend a lot of time and energy into marketing. 

We start marketing one week in advance. We will shoot a video, advertise on Facebook, hold a raffle gift card drawing and use many signs and do a lot to drive a lot of people into your home.

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This past January single family homes in Red Deer had 66 sales and 198 new listings. The same month in 2016 had 71 sales with 272 new listings.

 This is good news as it shows we are heading towards a more balanced market.

The average sale price in the month of January was $316,458 with 111 days on market compared to January 2016 which was $300,554 in 90 days. Although the days on market were exceeded by 21 days the average sale price was up 5.6%.

Similarly, Sylvan Lake saw 14 sales in the month of January with 54 new listings and January 2016 posting 14 sales and 62 new listings. 

Both 2016 and 2017 showed 112 days on market for a sale; however, 2017 average sale price was $328,511 compared to 2016 with $309,791 – that’s a 5.8% increase

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