March 2017

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Why a Smelly House May Not Be a Deal Breaker..

-- Have you ever heard of an Ozone Shock Treatment? Dustin, Steve & Dan from A Buyers Choice Home Inspections - Red Deer, Alberta explain how an Ozone Shock Treatment could help you and your home.

** Ozone Shock Treatment, when done properly, is a safe and effective way to permanently deal with unpleasant odors in the home, vehicle or RV. It can also eliminate most bacteria and viruses on contact, making it a perfect solution to a "sick building".

-- Ozone, at high concentrates can be used to permanently remove any odor from second hand smoke, cooking odors, fire damage, musty smells, pet odors, even skunk.

** The idea is to hit the area with ultra-high levels of ozone for 1-10 hours and

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-- This past February single family homes in Red Deer had 85 sales and 205 new listings. The same month in 2016 had 98 sales with 239 new listings. This is good news as it shows we are heading towards a more balanced market.

*** The average sale price in the month of February was $355,488 with 69 days on market compared to February 2016 which was $335,872 in 79 days. Not only has the average sale price increased homes sold an average of 10 days faster.

-- Similarly Sylvan Lake seen 16 sales in the month of February with 49 new listings and February 2016 posting 14 sales and 62 new listings.

*** Both 2016 and 2017 showed 95 days on market for a sale, however, 2017 average sale price was $345,400 compared to 2016 with $319,791 – that’s an 8%

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Don Halsey from Modern PURAIR Educates Us On The Importance of Cleaning Your Ducts.

** We take in stale air every single day

--> Dust particles, odours, molds, stale, hair, dead skin follicles are trapped in your ducts

** 50% of all illnesses are caused and aggravated by breathing in our air

--> How often should you clean your ducts? Every 2-3 years

Why Modern PureAir?

--> Western Canada’s largest indoor air quality company, cleaning duct work in thousands of commercial buildings and residential homes

** Can clean almost any type of duct - remove the dust, dander, pollen, doors, and allergies and dirt

** Proper training and have modern portable technology

** Eco-friendly and minimal noise

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