March 2018

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Spring Is Here! At Least On the Calendar Anyway....

With the Snow Starting to Melt, it's Time to Get Out and Inspect Your Home For Any Damage That May Have Occurred Over Winter.

Here's a Few Tips For Where to Start, What to Look For, and What Not to Miss!

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Find Out Why a Smelly House May Not Be a Deal Breaker… 

-- Have you ever heard of an Ozone Shock Treatment? Dustin, Steve & Dan from A Buyers Choice Home Inspections 

– Red Deer explain how an Ozone Shock Treatment could help you and your (potential) home. 

*** Ozone Shock Treatment, when done properly, is a safe and effective way to permanently deal with unpleasant odors in the home, vehicle or RV. It can also eliminate most bacteria and viruses on contact, making it a perfect solution to a "sick building". 

-- Ozone, at high concentrates can be used to permanently remove any odor from second hand smoke, cooking odors, fire damage, musty smells, pet odors, even skunk. -- The idea is to hit the area with ultra-high levels of ozone for

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Red Deer's Unemployment Rate Has Drastically Changed From February 2017 to February 2018.

Other Industries Have Seen Growth in Employment Numbers as People Move Away From the Oil & Gas Industry

If The Unemployment Rate Holds Steady, There Could Potentially Be a Shift From a Buyers to Sellers Market.

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Alberta and Ontario are Canada’s Largest Carbon Emitters, but Alberta is Actually Leading the Way in Many Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Aging Buildings Like Shopping Malls, Arenas, Schools, and Commercial Buildings are the Biggest Carbon Emitters.

It May Cost More to Lease From a Newer Building, but it Can Save Your Business a Lot of Money in the Long Run. Saving You Money on Your Utility Bills, and Costs to Retrofit an Older Building

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2018 Brings Plenty of Changes to Mortgage Rules for Home Buyers. In This "Ask the Experts" We're Sitting Down with Jean-Guy Turcotte of Regional Mortgage Group to Find Out What Impact Those Changes Will Have on You!

New Stress Test Rules Require You to Qualify for a Higher Rate Than You'll Actually Be Paying.

Banks are Rejecting a Few More Loan Applications Than in Previous Years, Ensuring Each Mortgage is Secured.

You Have Nothing to Worry About Going With a Mortgage from a Credit Union. In Fact, Credit Unions Can Be Easier to Work With!

Central Albertan's are Being Punished With Stricter Borrowing Rules Thanks to Toronto & Vancouver's Messy Housing Markets.

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