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Each household has their own version of it: the great winter swap. In other words, all the ways we adjust our routines to prepare for and combat the winter season. We hang holiday wreaths in exchange for patio furniture, pack away light jackets for hearty coats and find creative indoor projects to occupy our families during cold, dark afternoons.

Winter comes with its share of woes, so we’ve gathered a few cost-effective and natural ways to help you tackle three common household challenges of the season.

Swap your salts

When it comes to unwanted snow and ice, many turn to salt for a quick fix. Consistent use of melting salts cause harm to grass and plants by preventing water and nutrient absorption – not to mention that, when tracked

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Are you thinking about selling your home DIY-style…without the services of a professional Realtor?

Top five reasons you should hire a Realtor® when selling your home:

  1. They offer professional marketing, staging, and other services and offer the best exposure to the most buyers.
  2. Hidden expenses mean you won’t save money or time.
  3. A good Realtor® will have years of industry knowledge under his/her belt to save you time and headaches.
  4. Someone else is managing the entire sales process, administration, paperwork, appointment bookings and more.
  5. A negotiation expert will be negotiating your deal.

Before you decide, there are a few things to consider:

Professional Services & Marketing

Wondering why you should hire a Realtor®?

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You may have fewer potential buyers viewing your home during the fall and winter months, but that doesn’t necessarily mean fewer offers.

Compared to selling a home in the spring when there are more homes on the market, selling during the final months of the year can often be a successful endeavour.

With careful planning and a few helpful tips, you can showcase your home and find time to enjoy the season too.

Check out our top 5 home selling tips to help you through the winter months:

Weekends are the perfect time for showings

When selling your home, it will always show the best during daylight hours. Unfortunately, as the days get shorter later in the year, the work week often gets in the way for many prospective buyers. During this time of

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Looking for the latest trends in outdoor holiday décor to boost the appeal of your home? Check out the list below to stand out in the real estate market this holiday:

  1. Chalet-inspired Décor
  2. Rope Lights
  3. Festive Planters
  4. Firewood Charm
  5. Swooping Garland

Chalet-inspired Décor

Chalet-inspired décor is all the rage this season. Whether you are into winter recreation or enjoy staying on trend, simply incorporating your retired outdoor equipment into your exterior decorations can make all the difference in creating up-to-date holiday curb appeal that potential buyers will notice.


Rope Lights

Usually when we think of the holiday season, we picture single light bulbs of bright colours. This year is all about rope lights.

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If you receive a parking ticket between November 1 and 30, you can choose to donate a toy instead of paying the ticket! All donations go to the Red Deer Christmas Bureau. 

The early payment rate will remain in effect when the ticket is paid for with a toy. Other details:

Toys must be:

  • new and unwrapped in their original packaging
  • of equal or greater value than the amount owed on the parking ticket
  • accompanied by receipt

Gifts for kids aged 10 to 16 are in high demand!

Consider donating:

  • Craft sets
  • Art supplies
  • Science kits
  • Books
  • Sports equipment
  • Jewelry sets
  • Electronics and headphones
  • Movie passes
  • Gift cards

Please take your toy donations to the first floor of City Hall on November 29 or

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Whether your taste in centerpieces is traditional or modern, formal or fuss-free, we've got you covered with these 5 Thanksgiving table centerpieces.

Put Vintage Pieces to Work

An old dough bowl or wood trencher makes a great low centerpiece when filled with seasonal pumpkins, gourds, pinecones and flowering branches. Our step-by-step instructions make it easy to recreate this oh-so-trendy, rustic look. 

Embrace Symmetry

If your centerpiece will consist of more than one arrangement, position them symmetrically for a balanced look. Here, designer Marian Parsons created an edible centerpiece with two stacked cake plates in the center flanked by two slightly shorter floral arrangements in white stoneware pitchers that have a similar shape but

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Looking for a quick & YUMMY fall treat? Look no further! Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins...

Ingredients:   1 Cup all purpose flour 1/2 Cup old fashioned rolled oats 3/4 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice 3/4 Cup sugar 3/4 Cup brown sugar * packed 2 eggs 1/2 Cup coconut oil * melted 1 Cup pumpkin puree 1 Cup semi-sweet chocolate chips   Instructions:   Preheat your oven to 350°F.   Grease a standard muffin tin or use paper liners.   Combine the flour, oats, baking soda, baking powder, salt, pumpkin pie…
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In Case You Missed It, Here's a Look at Future Residential and Commercial Develpments are Planned For Red Deer the Next Few Years.   Coming Later This Year the New Neighborhood of Evergreen Will See Families Move In.   Clearview Market Will Be Expanding to the North Side of 67th Street, With Stores and Brands New to Red Deer Moving In.
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While we dedicate most our time towards placing individual and family units into the perfect home, we also like to follow up with tips to help our happy residents “optimize” their household experience well after the moving boxes have been recycled. On this bright and sunny Central Alberta summer week our real estate team has delivered a list of six tips to make your home even more vibrant through the strategic use of color.

6 Fun Tips to Adding Color to the Rooms of Your Home

1. The Golden 60-30-10 Rule of Color

The 60-30-10 rule of color comes straight from the professional interior design world. Basically, the methodology dictates that any room in the home be decorated with 60% in a dominating color, followed by 30% in a secondary hue,

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How Did Central Alberta's Real Estate Market Shape Up in June 2018?   Red Deer's Numbers Were Actually Quite Similar to June 2017! There Were 316 New Listings and 144 Sales With an Average of 58 Days on Market and an Average Sale Price of $330,082   Whereas 2017 Saw 9 Fewer Listings, 3 More Sales, and the Same Days on Market.   Homes are Selling Much Quicker in Red Deer's Surrounding Communities Like Blackfalds, and Sylvan Lake. Days on Market in Those Towns Dropped 30 Days!
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