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Posted by Kevin Lapp on Monday, February 1st, 2016 at 2:51pm.

With the real estate as tight as it currently is, you’ll need to do everything you can to stand out for potential buyers. From the moment visitors set forth on your property, it should leave a positive, lasting impression on them until long after they leave.

It’s not as easy as fluffing a pillow here and there, you should put considerable time effort and resources into staging your home before putting it up on the market. We’ve broken down each room of the home into easy solutions and more expensive, next-level finishes.


EASY: When you’re looking at new homes, how disappointing is it to find a great place with the perfect layout and dream kitchen, only to realize you can’t get past the fact there is a noticeable smell, with clothes and toys everywhere.

If you can’t stand it – why do you think it’s okay for your home to have less than A+ cleanliness? Take the time and scrub every inch of your place. Once it’s clean the first time, it’ll be easier to keep clean moving forward

NEXT LEVEL: Hiring a professional carpet cleaning business will eradicate old stains and smells emanating from below your feet.


EASY: As much as it might hurt your back, get down and clean the walls and floorboards, eliminating all those scuffs and dirt from years of living. And you may have loved that bold green wall, but repainting with neutral colours will appeal to more visitors.

NEXT LEVEL: If you’re dealing with old hardwood floors, re-finishing them may be an easier and cheaper option than fully replacing your flooring. The same goes for fireplaces. Repainting the archaic brick surrounding the fireplace will bring the focal point of a living room to 2016 style


EASY: Dated kitchens are an easy turnoff for people looking for their new home. An easy way to bring your boring kitchen to the 21st century is to refinish your cupboards. Paint or stain with modern colours and some modern finishes leads to a transformed kitchen.

NEXT LEVEL: If you want to take it a step further and you’ve got some extra cash, studies have shown purchasing new, stainless steel appliances to replace the dated, white, scuffed appliances will add more money to your selling price.


EASY: Beyond the obvious CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN statement from earlier, a couple of simple and cheap purchases can spruce up the bathroom. Replace the old and tattered bathmats and shower curtains with new, modern versions will make your home easier on the eyes.

NEXT LEVEL: Replacing the countertop, vanity or sink with an elegant version can help make those smaller bathrooms more spacious for visitors. As well, replacing the flooring in such a small space with new tile will also be an effective way to make your home stand out. Finally, a new framed mirror to replace the generic mirror shouldn’t have a large hit on your wallet.


EASY: De-cluttering rooms will make them as spacious as possible. If you’ve got spare furniture in a bedroom like a desk or television, try to find a new spot in the house for them.

NEXT LEVEL: Imagine the rooms as gender-neutral as possible. Choose neutral paint colours and with other finishes that match so it’ll appeal to both sexes. Fancy bed spreads are also an option you can bring with you to the next place


First impressions are the most important in the real estate market, so don’t allow people to put your home in the ‘no’ pile before they hit the front door. Cut the grass, eliminate the weeds and trim the trees and bushes before your home hits the market. As well, a pressure washer to your siding and front steps will clean up the view.

One last piece of advice: Open up the blinds before each viewing. Natural sunlight makes everything in your home look better, compared to harsh incandescent bulbs.

If you any questions about the staging of your home, ask us! We’ve got the experience to ensure your home is ready to sell.

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