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A few of the reasons you should consider Lapp Realty when listing your Home…

We do not believe in long term contracts we believe in Accountability.

  1. The first reason is our guarantees. We have our 1 day listing agreement guarantee which states you are never locked into a contract, if at any time you feel we are not doing our job you can fire us and list your home with another Realtor that same day. 
  2. Second reason is our marketing plan of action. We have sold thousands of homes! We have an intensive, proven and effective marketing strategy that gets results. 
  3. Third, we spend a ton of time with you going room by room giving you our professional recommendation about little things that can be done to ensure your home shows at its best at
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The number one mistake is choosing a Realtor based on the listing price. 

--> Your only deciding factor on who you should list your home with should be their market plan of action to get your home exposed to the most buyers. 

** We have a very intensive, detailed, aggressive and effective marketing strategy to get your home sold.

--> We will always present potential home sellers with a market valuation report that is our professional recommendation.

** However you are the home owner, you are the boss, I work for you, you choose the price. My job is to aggressively market your home harder than any other Realtor out there along with negotiating and fighting for you to ensure you get the highest possible price for your home. 

--> For a

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→ What is their level of experience?

** What will they do to set your home or property apart from the others in the market?

** Do they have a proven Marketing Strategy that they are accountable to and that is measurable?

→ How experienced are they in contract negotiations?

** Typically this is one of your most valuable assets. So you want to make sure you are 100% confident.

→ Do they have the time, system and people to properly manage your listings?

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