Building a Home: What to Expect

Lapp Realty follows new developments and construction of new homes in Central Alberta, and has built several relationships with executive builders and contractors throughout the Red Deer area.

Our expertise and connections allow us to provide you with current and accurate information about land value, resale potential, zoning information, and what rebates or incentives are available in new developments throughout the region.

We lead you through the process of building a new home, helping you navigate the many choices ahead of you. From picking the right neighbourhood to choosing a builder, our team provides expert advice, acting as a liaison between you and the builder to ensure your needs and best interests are always represented. We’ll help you through every phase of the project, including the process of getting the correct construction loans at the right time.

The Build Process: What to Expect

How Much: Determine your budget. Options and upgrades are provided with cost per square foot information, so you only spend what you’re comfortable with.
How Long: Building a new home usually takes from 4 to 6 months, but can go longer depending on weather conditions and what type of construction it is.
Flexibility: Builders will supply you with flooring options, cabinetry styles, and other options. You can make modifications to almost any area.
Inspections: Reports of official inspections are provided to you at each stage of the build, and our team will be available to walk you through it.
Sweat Equity:  Know how to lay hardwood or put in tile? Some builders will credit you for work you’re willing to do yourself.

  • You get to build your dream home. No compromises (unless you want to make them).
  • Pick a perfect neighbourhood. Many exciting new developments to choose from.
  • A modern home. Your home will be built with modern construction materials and techniques.
  • It’s completely yours. No one else will have ever lived there.
  • Spend what you want. You control the budget, the size of your home, and the layout.
  • Less maintenance. Because your home is new, major repairs are few and far between.
  • Under warranty. All new homes come with a minimum five-year warranty.

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